Les personnes passionnées de technologies.

Paul Frank's cotton Jason Bailey T-shirt ($22; paulfrank.com) and Sayer button-down ($68) are named after employees, while the Beat Surrender glasses ($110) are named after the (British) hit song by the Jam. Powderhorn's Night Hawk Down Jacket has more than enough retro mojo to be a hit with the hipsters, but it's technical enough—pit zips, DWR-coated, removable hood—to handle serious snow ($325; powderhorn-world.com). Simultaneously capture high-def video and high-resolution (4.6-megapixel) stills of your buddy's spectacular wipeout with Sony's new HDR-UX7 Handycam Camcorder. Other whiz-bang features: You can easily add your blow-by-blow audio commentary and play the glorious sequence back in slow motion ($1,300; sonystyle.com).

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